Client The natural or legal person engaged in a commercial or artisanal activity or a liberal profession, which has downloaded the Software with the intent to use it, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by the End User Software Licensee “demo version”.  
Client Contact Natural person entitled to enter into the License Agreement, on behalf of the Licensee, and who provided personal data to REDMINT for the purposes of concluding this License.
Data Clients and Users’ Data  


Personal and identifying Data collected by REDMINT and provided by the Client, for the purposes of concluding this License.  


Non-identifying Data on the Client’s information system, collected from Devices, and processed by the Software, for performance analysis purposes. This Data may be indirectly identifying with regard to the applicable legislation.  
License The end user Software License subscribed by the Client, along with acceptance of the hereby Privacy Policy.  
Software The REDMINT OS application in object code form and the related Documentation, in its trial (demo 1.0 version) and non-commercial version.  
REDMINT The RED MINT NETWORK company, registered at the RCS of Annecy under the number 814 766 358, which registered office is located at Allée de la Mandallaz, Duo Cité A, PAE de la Bouvarde, 74370 Epagny-Metz Tessy  
Results Synthetic data (textual or graphic reports) assessing the performance of the Licensee’s information system, and resulting from the analysis of the Data by the Software.  
Web Site The REDMINT company’s website, available at the following Web address: or any address or domain name used by REDMINT.
User Natural person acting under the authority of the Licensee, and whose Data may be collected by the Software, under the terms and conditions provided by this Privacy Policy.

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions under which REDMINT NETWORK (hereinafter “REDMINT”) collects Client and Users personal and non-personal data, for Software use purposes.

Any use of the Software implies full and unreserved acceptance by the Client of the hereby Privacy Policy, together with the Software License.


The Client acknowledges that REDMINT carried out a simplified statement on Data processing with the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés, i.e. the French Public Authority in charge of Data protection). According to this statement , REDMINT commits to comply with the simplified standard NS-048 of 7 June 2005, amended by deliberation No 2016-284 of 21 July 2016, relating to Client-Prospects Files.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to define the rights of the Client and the obligations of REDMINT, in compliance with the provisions provided by the aforementioned standard.

In any case, this Policy shall not affect upon or infringe on the rights and obligations of the Client, provided by the aforementioned texts.

  1. COLLECTED DATA (Data we may collect)

REDMINT may collect the following Data:

a) Client’s Identifying Data: title, family name, name, e-mail address of the Client Contact, name and registered office of the user company, URL address provided to the Client to use the Software. No other identifying data shall be required from the Client, unless another Client Contact from the same company subscribes to the License.

b) Data related to the transaction g. transaction number, details from the subscribed License.

c) Data related to our business relationship: requests for documentation, trial requests, subscribed License, duration, delivery address, orders and services history, communication between the Client and the support service, exchanges and comments from clients, prospects, or customer service adviser(s);

d) Data required to implement customer loyalty programs, market research, study, surveys, product testing and promotion actions, i.e. those listed in point a), that may be provided by the Client.

e) Cookies (or “tracers”), in compliance with article 32-II of the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, as amended,and with recommendations contained throughout deliberation 2013-378 of December 5, 2013, and as provided in section 9 of this Privacy Policy.

f) User Data required to implement the Software, specifically: IP addresses, date and time of connection to Internet from Devices, connection time, visits of web pages using HTTP and HTTPS protocols.


Client Data may be collected:

  • When the Client Contact subscribes to the License
  • By connecting via a social network account (as Facebook or LinkedIn):

In this case, only Data listed in section 4 a) shall be collected, excluding other data or contents contained in the social network account of the Client

  • During exchanges with Clients, for the purpose of Software implementation
  1. DATA PROCESSING PURPOSES (Why we collect your Data)

REDMINT collects or may collect Client Data in order to:

  • Facilitate business management including: contracts ; orders ; deliveries ; bills ; accounting, client account management such as conducting user satisfaction surveys ; claims and support or after-sales service management ; client selections to conduct studies, surveys and product testing
  • Conduct operations related to business development: REDMINT may use your Data to send you commercial offers, only by post or e-mail (no commercial prospection or solicitation shall be conducted by phone)
  • Develop commercial statistics ;
  • Deal with your right of access, rectification and opposition requests ;
  • Deal with potential unpaid invoices and litigation,

Furthermore, User Data shall be collected only for the purposes of Software implementation, and to generate Results.

  1. DATA RETENTION (How long we retain your Data)

a) Clients Data

Data related to the subscribed License, and listed in section 3 a) b) c) shall be retained for 5 years from the termination of the License, in accordance with the French civil and commercial prescription period. They shall be stored on a dedicated archival database or a logical separation on an active database.

Client Data shall be definitively erased upon termination of the Software License. However, REDMINT reserves the right to retain Clients Data listed in section 3 a) c) and d), for a period of three years from the termination of the License, especially in order to send commercial offers to the Client, or to keep it informed about Software updates.

Likewise, REDMINT reserves the right to retain Prospect Data listed in section 3 a) c) and d), for a period of three years from the last commercial contact from the Prospect (e.g., documentation request or a click on a hypertext link contained in an e-mail of REDMINT), and no earlier than the date of collection of Prospect Data in compliance with the terms and conditions provided by the hereby Privacy Policy.

The Client or the Prospect may consent, at the end of the three-year period, to an extension of time of the storage of this Data. Should the Client or Prospect not consent to this extension, its Data shall be erased or archived, as stated above.

b) User Data

For Software implementation purposes, the following User Data may be collected: IP address, date and time of connection of Devices to Internet; connection time, visits of web pages using HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Such Data shall be non-personal but may be indirectly identifying under the applicable legislation.

Data shall be irrevocably anonymized, via encryption, in compliance with the methods recommended by notice 5/2014 of the G29 Group.

In accordance with the provisions of section 9 of the License, User Data shall be definitively erased from REDMINT servers upon termination of the License.

c) Audience statistics and assessment

Identifying Cookies shall not be retained over 13 months from their first collection.

Beyond that period, Data collected by Cookies shall be either erased or anonymized, as provided at point b).

  1. DATA RECIPIENT (Who may access to your Data and use it)

Within the limit of their respective attributions, the following persons may access to the Data:

  • Duly entitled staff from marketing, commercial, customer relations and market research departments, administrative services, information technology and logistics services of REDMINT as well as their managers and supervisors ;
  • Duly entitled staff in charge of control (external auditor, internal audit services…) ;
  • Duly entitled staff of subcontractors from the signing date of the contract between the subcontractors and REDMINT: in this respect, REDMINT undertakes that all the contracts concluded with its subcontractors remind the subcontractor of its obligations related to safety protection and privacy protection of the data (article 35 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, as amended) and state specifically the safety goals that shall be achieved.

The following persons may also be recipient of the Data:

  • organizations, auxiliary of justice and ministerial officers, for the purpose of debt recovery;
  • administrative or judiciary authorities, on judiciary injunction or requisition that may be addressed to REDMINT ;

a) Right of access and right to rectification

Pursuant with articles 38 and 40 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the Client may request that its Data (Client Data) be, depending on the cases, corrected, completed, updated, locked or erased if such Data is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal or outdated.

This right to rectification may be exercised by sending an e-mail to the following address:, containing the Clients’ personal data to be corrected or updated.

b) Right of opposition

The Client may object to the use of its personal data for prospection or solicitation purposes, including commercial, by REDMINT. This objection may be made at any time and needs no motivation . However, it may not be opposed to the use of a generic address (e.g., to send messages related to the professional activity of the Client.


In case User Data should contain any personal content, the Client represents and warrants that it collected and transmitted such Data in accordance with its legal obligations under Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and that it informed the Users or individuals concerned of the use and collection of such contents. In this respect, the Client agrees to hold harmless REDMINT against any claim, demand or cause of action from a natural person whose personal data might be hosted by REDMINT or its subcontractors.


The Web Site uses browser tracers (« Cookies »), which may access to information stored in the User’s terminal equipment and record information in such equipment.

We use these Cookies to facilitate web browsing including by saving the User’s browser preferences defined during the session, by creating anonymous statistics of visits and audience of the Web Site.

These Cookies may not collect directly or indirectly identifying data about the Client or the User and may not be used for targeted advertisings or e-marketing purposes.

These Cookies may not be technically disactivated from the Web Site.

The User may object to the use of these Cookies only by configuring its browser. This configuration depends on the browser used, but it is generally easy to configure: the User may either enhance a private navigation or only not allow or limits the Cookies. Be careful, Cookies may have been registered on peripheral devices before the configuration of the User’s browser.

The Client agrees that if he chooses to disactivate Cookies, browsing may be less fluid and intuitive, and interfere with the use of some features.


REDMINT hosts the Data and takes all responsibility thereon; however, such hosting may be subcontracted to any third-party operator. Unless otherwise specified on REDMINT Web Site, the Data will be hosted on servers rented from AMAZON WEB SERVICES, Inc.

REDMINT commits not to disclose the Data to any third party except in case of injunction from an administrative or a judiciary authority.

REDMINT undertakes to take all technical measures in order to ensure the safety of the Data and to protect them against accidental or illicit destruction, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, against any other unlawful forms of processing or communication to unauthorized persons. However, in order to prevent any risk of loss or alteration of the Data, the Client shall backup its Data before using the Software.


Data shall not be transferred out of the European Union.